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   Source of manuscript: Football News




   The "release" of Guizhou Hengfeng in the first round of this season is something Zhejiang Greentown has always felt very depressed. Greentown feels that it is not a good draw to draw Group B. One is because Meizhou is sad and failed to surpass here in the last round of 2018. The other is because of the strong opponents, Guizhou Hengfeng and Meizhou Hakka are not easy to play. Last season, Greentown and Guizhou Hengfeng faced off twice. They all lost the game and lost a total of 10 goals. Players were sent off in both games. Therefore, this season, Greentown is eager for revenge. In the first round of the match, it faced Guizhou Hengfeng, who started the All-China Class. Greentown led until the 70th minute. It was because the captain Tan Yang's Oolong was tied 1-1.


   "Take advantage of his illness, kill him." Zhejiang Greentown, which failed to win Guizhou Hengfeng, was unwilling to stand in front of his opponents again last night. Before the game, Guizhou Hengfeng had 1 point less than Greentown and ranked third in the standings. If you want to enter the championship group, Guizhou Hengfeng will definitely not lose to Greentown. "In this game, we have to calm our minds and the pressure is on the other side. We have to use this and strive to win the opponent." Greentown coaching staff said to the players before the game.

“利用他的病,杀死他。”未能赢得贵州横峰的浙江绿城昨晚不愿再次站在对手面前。赛前,贵州恒丰比绿城少1分,排名积分榜第三。如果要进入冠军组,贵州恒丰绝对不会输给绿城。 “在这场比赛中,我们必须冷静下来,压力却在另一边。亚博棋牌娱乐我们必须利用这一点,努力赢得对手。”绿城教练人员在赛前对球员说。

   Compared with the first round of the first round of the all-China class, Guizhou Hengfeng sent two foreign aids in the second round, and the strength is obviously better than the first round. Since the league has entered the 6th round and the rhythm of the double matches a week, Greentown has also consciously carried out some rotations in personnel. In the last round of the league, the main defender Xu Jizu fell to the ground with cramps and some injuries, so he did not start this round. Cheng Jin was also rotated because of being too tired. In yesterday's game, Zhong Haoran and other starting players performed impressively. What is even more difficult is that the entire Greentown team showed confidence and momentum to win against their opponents.


   Greentown’s first goal came from Dino’s penalty. For foreign aid Dino, many Greentown fans feel that the South Africans are too fat this season: "I feel a lap bigger than last season." In fact, Dino is already a "weight-loss version" of Dino because of training during the epidemic. Affected, coupled with his easy fat physique, so his weight once approached 90 kg. Later, for about 3 weeks, the coaching staff did not allow Dino to train with the team, but let him lose weight first: "When will the weight drop to 85 kg, then train with the team." Just like that, Dino gritted his teeth and reduced his weight to the current 85 kg, and was finally able to train and compete with the team. Although the weight is heavier than last season, Dino's role in the offense is still obvious, and it has become the focus of Guizhou Hengfeng's target in this game. In addition to penalty kicks, Dino also created several opportunities. It is worth mentioning that Dino missed two consecutive penalty kicks in the game against the Shaanxi team last season. Later, he did not dare to take the penalty, but this time he stood before the penalty spot and played for Greentown. First record.


   The first round of the league played Oolong Tan Yang. This game was his 100th appearance on behalf of Greentown. He came to Greentown in 2004. Although he had been away for a few years, his most important football career was spent in Greentown. Now let’s talk about Yang becoming the captain and transforming from a forward to a central defender. Tan Yang's header was saved in the 62nd minute, but he kept up with a supplementary shot to seal the victory for Greentown. "Mr. Hundred Games" Tan Yang used this goal to complete the redemption. He used a key goal and an important victory to make up for his own loss in the first round against Guizhou Hengfeng.

联赛第一轮打乌龙谭扬。这场比赛是他代表格林敦的第100次露面。他于2004年来到绿城。尽管他已经离开了几年,但他最重要的足球生涯还是在绿城度过的。现在,让我们来谈谈杨致胜成为队长并从前锋转变为中央后卫。谭扬的头球在第62分钟被保存,但他保持了补射优势,为格林敦队赢得了胜利。 “百运先生”谭扬以此目标完成了兑换。他用关键的进球和重要的胜利来弥补自己在首轮对贵州恒丰的损失。

After winning this game, Zhejiang Greentown scored 12 points, which is the same as Meizhou Hakka points, leading Group B together, while the third place Guizhou Hengfeng has only 8 points. Greentown and Meizhou will join hands to advance to the championship group. It's getting bigger and bigger-and Greentown's goal this season is to complete the Super League.


   Unfortunately, in the 26th minute of a rescue, Yang Ting of Guizhou Hengfeng was injured and left the field. He was immediately sent to the designated hospital in the competition area by ambulance and was diagnosed with a "comminuted fracture of the right tibia and fibula." After hearing the news, Greentown also deeply regretted and wished him a speedy recovery.


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