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On October 17, the 2020 Half Marathon World Championships ended in Gdynia, Poland. The Ugandan star and world champion Cheputge, who participated in the half marathon for the first time, won the fourth place in 59 minutes and 21 seconds. A feat that won the championship and broke the world record. However, this year Cheput Gai broke the world record for men's running 5 kilometers, 5000 meters and 10000 meters. It is already a world record.

10月17日,2020年半程马拉松世界锦标赛在波兰格丁尼亚结束。首次参加半程马拉松的乌干达球星和世界冠军切普特奇在59分钟21秒内获得了第四名。一项壮举赢得了冠军并打破了世界纪录。但是,今年Cheput Gai打破了男子5公里,5000米和10000米跑步的世界纪录。这已经是世界纪录。

As the gold medalist of the men's 10,000m at the 2019 Doha World Championships in Athletics, Cheput Gai is a strong mid- and long-distance running star in recent years. But before 2020, Cheputgues can only be regarded as the world's top athletes, and does not have absolute dominance. Until it has broken the men's 5,000m and 10,000m world records maintained by Becquer for more than ten years, the outside world agrees that China The new king of long-distance running has been born.

作为2019年多哈世界田径锦标赛男子10,000m的金牌获得者,切普特·盖(Cheput Gai)是近年来强劲的中长跑明星。但是在2020年之前,Cheputgues只能被视为世界顶级运动员,并且没有绝对的统治地位。直到世界打破了贝克勒(Becquer)保持的5,000万和10,000m的世界纪录,外界才认为中国已经诞生了长跑新王。

The reason why Cheput Gai received such high praise, in addition to repeatedly breaking the world record feat, also benefited from the all-around performance in the three areas of off-road, track and road running. Winning the men's 5,000m and 10,000m gold medals in the Tokyo Olympics is naturally Cheputgate's short-term goal, but he will not stop there. He will continue to show dominance in road running and cross-country arena, and also in Cheputgate. In planning.

Cheput Gai之所以获得如此高的赞誉,除了屡次打破世界纪录的壮举外,还得益于越野,田径和公路行驶三个领域的全面表现。 Cheputgate的短期目标自然是在东京奥运会上赢得5000万和10000万男子金牌,但他不会止步于此。他将继续在公路行驶和越野比赛以及在Cheputgate中显示统治地位。在计划中。

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Birthday: 1996/9/12


Career: 2013 to present


Main honors:


2014 U20 World Championships 10,000m champion


2017 World Championships in Track and Field 10,000 meters runner-up


2019 Cross Country World Championship Champion


2019 World Championships in Athletics 10,000 meters champion


4th in the 2020 Half Marathon World Championships


Chemptegay's record breaking list


41 minutes 05 seconds


Breaking the world record for men's 15km running in November 2018


26 minute 38 seconds


In December 2019, broke the world record for men's 10km running (rewritten by others)


12 minutes 51 seconds


February 2020 broke the world record for men's 5km run


12 minute 35 seconds 36


Breaking the men's 5000m world record in August 2020


26 minutes 11 seconds 00


Break the men's 10,000m world record in October 2020


Like so many talented and accomplished middle and long distance runners, Cheput Gai also embarked on the road of middle and long distance running after being discovered. There have been high-light moments of fame in World War I, and there are no lack of troubled low periods. After years of training in the competition, he finally ushered in a bright future in the past two years.

像这么多才华横溢的中长跑运动员一样,Cheput Gai在被发现后也走上了中长跑之路。第一次世界大战中曾有一些光辉的成名时刻,而且不乏陷入困境的低潮时期。经过多年的比赛训练,他终于在过去的两年中迎来了光明的未来。

Born in a small village in eastern Uganda, Cheputge liked to play football when he was a child. He also tried track and field events such as long jump and triple jump, but he was more hobby. Until college, a coach discovered his


In July 2013, Cheputguet participated in the first official race of his career in Uganda. He ran 8 minutes 43.21 in the 3000-meter obstacle course and finished fourth. In July 2014, Cheput cover appeared in the U20 World Championships and won the men's 10,000m champion and 4th place in the 5000m respectively, which gradually attracted attention.

2013年7月,Cheputguet参加了他职业生涯在乌干达的第一场正式比赛。他在3000米的障碍赛中跑了8分钟43.21,获得第四名。 2014年7月,切普特(Cheput)的封面出现在U20世界锦标赛上,分别获得了男子10,000m冠军和5000m第四名,这逐渐引起了人们的关注。

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Cheputge, under the age of 20, entered the Olympic arena for the first time, winning 8th and 6th in the men's 5000m and 10000m respectively. At the 2017 World Championships in London, Cheputgate was only one step away from the world champion, and he lost less than half a second to Mo Farah and finished second.

在2016年里约奥运会上,年龄不足20岁的切普特奇(Cheputge)首次进入奥林匹克运动场,分别在男子5000m和10000m男子比赛中分别获得第八和第六名。在2017年伦敦世界锦标赛上,切普盖特(Cheputgate)距离世界冠军仅一步之遥,他输给莫·法拉赫(Mo Farah)不到半秒,并获得第二名。

For Cheputgay, the biggest blow came from the 2017 Cross-Country World Championships, and that game was once his most reluctant memory to mention.


As the host player, Cheput Gai had the highest call for the championship before the game. Towards the end of the game, he was still far ahead. All Ugandan citizens even celebrated the victory in advance. The subsequent plot was unexpected. The Cheput Gai suddenly dropped speed. The last two kilometers were overtaken by 29 competitors, and only 30 were finally won.

作为主持人,切普特·盖(Cheput Gai)在比赛开始前对冠军的要求最高官网亚博。在比赛快要结束时,他仍然遥遥领先。所有乌干达公民甚至提前庆祝了胜利。随后的情节出乎意料。 Cheput Gai突然降低速度。最后两公里被29名竞争对手超越,最终仅赢了30公里。

"I don't dare to recall that game. It took several weeks to cheer up again." The loss of the game in an extremely embarrassing manner in front of my hometown elders once caused Cheput Gai to be hit, but the tragic loss also inspired He realized the transformation, and now he has the new king of middle and long distance running.

“我不敢回忆起那场比赛。花了好几个星期才重新振作起来。”在我的家乡长者面前以极其尴尬的方式输掉比赛曾经使Cheput Gai受到打击,但悲惨的输人也激发了他实现这种转变的能力,现在他有了新的中长跑国王。

For the world's top middle and long distance runners, focusing on the main event of track racing is the norm. Take Kipchoge, Becquer, Mo Farah and other names as examples. They all started to try marathon events until the end of their careers after they achieved fame, or they retired to run on the road.

对于世界顶级的中长跑运动员来说,专注于田径比赛的主要赛事是常态。以Kipchoge,Becquer,Mo Farah等名称为例。他们一举成名,都开始尝试马拉松比赛,直到职业生涯尽头,或者他们退役了。

Cheput Gai is different. Since becoming a professional player, he has taken care of track racing, cross-country and road races. Like 5 kilometers in a road race track and 5000 meters in a track race, it seems that the distance is the same, but the technical requirements for the world's top athletes are very different, not to mention the cross-country race.

Cheput Gai与众不同。自成为职业选手以来,他一直从事田径比赛,越野和公路比赛。就像在公路赛道上行驶5公里,在田径赛道上行驶5000米,似乎距离是相同的,但是对于世界顶级运动员的技术要求却大不相同,更不用说越野比赛了。

It seems to be related to Uganda's undulating terrain. The Cheputge, who has been training in his hometown for a long time, can always quickly adapt to events with different venue conditions.


In November 2018, in a road race held in the Netherlands, Cheputgue broke the men's 15 km world record in 41 minutes and 05 seconds. In March 2019, Cheputgue won the adult championship of the World Cross Country Championships in Denmark, making up for the regret of 2017. In December 2019, in a road race in Valencia, Spain, Cheputgue broke the then men's 10km world record in 26 minutes and 38 seconds.

2018年11月,在荷兰举行的公路比赛中,切普特格在41分钟05秒内打破了男子15公里的世界纪录。 2019年3月,Cheputgue赢得了丹麦世界越野锦标赛的成人冠军,弥补了2017年的遗憾。2019年12月,Cheputgue在西班牙巴伦西亚举行的公路比赛中,在26分钟内打破了当时男子10公里的世界纪录38秒

As early as the beginning of his career, Cheputgues proposed to participate in the half-marathon, but was eventually declined by the coaching team.


In October of this year, Cheputge finally got permission to participate in the Half Marathon World Championships and made his career debut in the Half Marathon. Although he only won 4th place, he set foot on the marathon, which was a new beginning for him.


If the cross-country world championships, the 15km and 10km world records are still "a little trouble", and the Doha World Championships 10,000-meter champion is regarded as a "routine operation", then this year's 3 world records will be broken, and Bekeler will maintain 10 Two track records for more than a year have passed, and it is a sign of Cheputgate's dominance of the middle and long distance race track.


In mid-February this year, in a road race held in Monaco, Cheputgue broke the men's 5km world record with 12 minutes and 51 seconds, marking a good start for the 2020 season. The sudden epidemic and the suspension of global track and field events also made Cheputgue feel helpless, but he quietly returned to his hometown and continued to work hard, waiting for the few opportunities to compete.


At the Diamond League Monaco station in August, under the witness of 5,000 live spectators, Cheput Guy took the lead in crossing the line with 12 minutes 35.36 seconds, breaking the 16-year-old men's 5,000-meter world record. The previous world record was set by Bekeler. Created in May 2004, the score is 12 minutes 37.35.

在8月的钻石联赛摩纳哥站,在5,000名现场观众的见证下,切普特·盖(Cheput Guy)以12分35.36秒率先越过线路,打破了这位16岁男子的5,000米世界纪录。先前的世界纪录是Bekeler创造的亚博棋牌娱乐。在2004年5月创建,总分是12分钟37.35。

Less than two months later, Cheputgue flew to Valencia, Spain, in a special track and field competition, to attack another world record of Becquer. In 2005, Becquer ran 26:17.53 in the men's 10,000m race. This world record was maintained for 15 years and was broken by Cheputgate in October this year.

不到两个月后,Cheputgue在一场特殊的田径比赛中飞往西班牙瓦伦西亚,以挑战另一项贝克的世界纪录。 2005年,Becquer在男子10,000m比赛中以26:17.53的速度跑出。这项世界纪录保持了15年,并在今年10月被Cheputgate打破。

Within two months, he broke the men's 5,000m and 10,000m world records, and attributed the two records that Becquer had maintained for more than ten years to his own name. Cheptge received the sincere blessings of his idol Becquer and established Historical position in the field of middle and long distance running.

在不到两个月的时间里,他打破了男子的5000m和10,000m的世界纪录,并将贝克勒保留了十多年的两张纪录归因于他自己的名字。 Cheptge得到了他的偶像Becquer的真诚祝福,并在中长跑领域确立了历史地位。

With Cheput Gai's hot state this season, if the Tokyo Olympics are not postponed, he is expected to win the men's 5,000m and 10,000m gold medals. For the Ugandan star who held four world records at the age of 24, there are countless histories waiting for him to create the future.

由于本赛季切普特·盖伊(Cheput Gai)处于炙手可热的状态,如果不推迟东京奥运会的话,他有望获得男子50万和10亿金牌。对于这位在24岁时保持四项世界纪录的乌干达明星来说,有无数的历史等待着他创造未来。

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